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PRODUCTION: Interior-Design, Projection & Lighting-Design, Websolutions, DAM, Graphic- and Corporate Design

YEAR: 1996-2013

Tresor is a legendary Techno Club in the heart of Berlin. Its probably the oldest Club in Europe which is still open today. Rick Kay and Jörg Reinauer started to work here as a lighting designer in the mid of the 1990s and developed outstanding visual and lighting solutions to get the audience into extacy according to the hard four-on-the-floor-beats and by this pushed Techno to new limits not as clubbers but as the visual mentors behind the curtain.

Since the club reopened in 2007 in the new venue at Heizkraftwerk Mitte, also Chris aka Tofa joined the team and soon after The Core. as it exists today was the personal mission for the three us. We had a huge playground and evaluated solutions for rooms, projects, bars, the 80.000sqm small venue in general and always invented new stuff from low budget to highend productions in all different kind of directions. This was ranging from interior design, lighting- and visual-solutions, street art-murals and mapping-installations up to leading the graphics department for the entire mothership up until 2013. What an incredible journey that crossed our paths and brought us together...


Snippets from some of the projects we developed at and for Tresor over the years:

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