While we create,

You can simply enjoy.

The Core. as a projection and lighting team artist collective came to life by working at one of the worlds legendary Techno Clubs in Berlin - Tresor -  with a team of great creatives such as my mate Rick Kay, lots of producers and DJs and visual artists like myself bundled the knowledge under one umbrella.

Since our team quit the nightlife game back in 2013, our projects developed more and more into art installations and immersive projections.
As each new project brought the theme of unique content on the table, myself focused more on the world of audiovisual art.

With the upcoming hype of NFT art, we decided to use this page as a unique direct access point to my NFT art.
Each piece that you find here is unique and based on more than 20 years experience in visual projections, mapping installations and immersive audiovisual art. 

Now it´s about time that you become part of it a passionate collector.